In today’s stress filled and frenetic world, more than ever, your home must be your sanctuary. No matter what style of home you prefer it must reflect your personality, your state of mind, your personal aesthetic.

I believe that a house can be elegant and warm at the same time. Flow, color, light and space must come together to create the home where you and your family feel at ease and at peace. If your home looks “decorated,” a word I despise by the way, then I have not done my job.

As a Director/Producer of films, television movies and theater all over the world, it was one of my responsibilities to set the tone for a production. Working with set designers, carpenters, lighting designers and all of the many departments responsible for bringing a project to fruition, it was my job to give them “a clear vision” so that they could create whatever world I wanted for that particular endeavor. From all that came my sense of design, of use of color, of effective lighting and most importantly, of knowing how to get everyone to work together as a team to give the client the best result possible.

Stockton Briggle’s work has been featured in IN STYLE magazine.