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By Stockton Briggle

It is almost too much. We have just gotten through a Presidential election, Christmas, New Years, and now we have to face a glut of award shows. It used to be that there was only one and we all looked forward to the excitement of the annual Academy Awards.

Now we are going to have to sit through a slew of awards ceremonies that boggle the mind. The Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, The People’s Choice Awards, The Razzie Awards, the Producers Guild Awards, the Writers Guild Awards, the Directors Guild awards and on and on.

So many awards shows tend to, in my opinion, deprive the Academy Awards of its glamour.
However, with all of that air-time that the networks and cable channels have to fill, might as well sit back, grin and bear it.

For me, there are only two award shows worth watching: The Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. That in mind, I am going to go with the Academy Awards first and, deal with the Golden Globes at another time.

So here goes!

This has been a particularly good year for moviegoers. The nominees are:
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Miserables
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

Here are my 5 favorites.

ARGO, directed by Ben Affleck has been a favorite with since it hit the theatres. One of the few film to move into the #1 box office position in it third week due to word-of-mouth. It cooled a little but seems, due to it’s nomination, to be gaining ground again. Ben Affleck is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most talented directors. This is the old fashioned kind of movie that Hollywood loves and so do the audiences. A REAL DARK HORSE.

ZERO DARK THIRTY is a powerful galvanizing film that should win, but probably won’t because it is so controversial with its clear statement that the CIA condoned and practiced
torture. The Academy is conservative and I think that they will be too scared to give it
what it so richly deserves, the Academy Award. If you are a serious film fan don’t miss this
stunning emotional experience. MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF THE YEAR,YET…

LINCOLN is done by the Master himself, Steven Spielberg. A moody, yet fascinating look at a small moment in the life of what is arguably our greatest President. Rich in detail, historically very significant, and loaded with bravura performances; a slow, passionate elegy on the life and death of Abraham Lincoln. The Academy will be hard put not to honor this film that has received the most nominations. A STRONG POSSIBILITY TO WIN.

LES MISERABLES you either love or you don’t. I find myself disappointingly in the latter category. There is much to love here including the great music and Ann Hathaway’s blow away performance. It is the best moment in the film. But, the script is muddy, the camera work confusing and the central story of two men struggling for each other’s soul is sadly missing. I so wanted to love this film. VERY POPULAR SO YOU CAN’T COUNT IT OUT.

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK succeeds on so many levels that it almost dazzles you.
It has totally unique script that challenges and entertains; with strong actors well directed Silver Linings is an original piece of filmmaking. The dialogue comes at you in a delirious pace and is so emotionally full that it leaves you feeing as one feels after a Thanksgiving dinner; so many delights, so much to be grateful for, and a true appreciation for how crazy you, your family and everyone you know can be.
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are so real that you almost forget that you are watching a movie. This is a movie to treasure. A STRONG FRONTRUNNER.

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