O.K. everyone, listen up! If you haven’t been watching Masterpiece Mysteries SHERLOCK, you have been missing one of the best series to come along in far too long. A modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic series, this is an especially crafty and exciting take on the premise that Sherlock Holmes is alive and well in the 21st Century.

It’s English, of course, which means that the writing is witty, fast and really intelligent. Headed by a superb young cast, it is a cross between WITHNALL AND I and THE BOURNE IDENTITY.

Benedict Cumberbatch (how’s that for a great name?) defines what a modern Sherlock should be; impatient, highly intelligent, and a functioning sociopath in what to him is a plodding, boring world. Martin Freeman is his Dr. Watson, a war veteran newly returned from Afghanistan and desperately trying to pull together his own life as a civilian. His performance, like Cumberbatch’s is brilliantly realized and it is obvious from the get go that they are made for each other. In fact, it’s a funny running joke that everyone perceives them as a gay couple.

There are three episodes this season, two have already aired, but in today’s internet world it should be possible to view them prior to the final one this coming Sunday. The already aired episodes are entitled “A Scandal in Belgravia” and “The Hounds Baskerville.”
This Sunday is “The Reichenback Falls” which will conclude this season, but they will be back for three more next season. An announcement to be celebrated! If you have taken the plunge like I have, find last years three not to be missed shows: “A Study in Pink,” “The Blind Banker,” and “The Great Game.” You won’t regret it.

The show is sexy, great to look at, action filled, with dialogue that makes a bullet train seem like a steam engine. Don’t miss this!

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